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Wm. Lees & Sons Ltd. distribute: HS Tooling; US Tool; Sioux Tools; Desoutter; Cleco; Boelube

Sioux Right Angle Die Grinders

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Sioux Tools manufacture a wide range of high quality Right Angle Die Grinders in various capacities to suit your precise requirements.

Typical Features Include:

  • Powerful 5-vane motors deliver high working speeds
  • Heavy-duty spiral bevel gearing for durability and smoothness
  • Compact angle head for easier working in confined spaces
  • Heavy-duty double-tapered collet in 1/4" and 6mm options
  • Teasing throttle for maximum speed control
  • Lock-off lever
  • Rear exhaust (Front on SAG7 Series)
  • Grease zerk in gear case
  • Air inlet size: 1/4" NPT
  • Recommended hose size: 3/8" (10mm)

Scroll down for each Die Grinder's individual model specification and links to Sioux Tools PDF catalogues for full product details.


Model No. Free rpm Weight Length Collet Exhaust
0.3hp (0.22kW) - Lever Throttle - 200 Series Collet
SAG03S12 12,000 0.55kg 140mm 1/4" Rear
SAG03S12M6 12,000 0.55kg 140mm 6mm Rear
SAG03S20 20,000 0.55kg 140mm 1/4" Rear
SAG03S20M6 20,000 0.55kg 140mm 6mm Rear
0.3hp (0.22kW) - Lever Throttle - 300 Series Collet
SAG03S12S 12,000 0.52kg 143mm 1/4" Rear
SAG03S12M6S 12,000 0.52kg 143mm 6mm Rear
SAG03S20S 20,000 0.52kg 143mm 1/4" Rear
SAG03S20M6S 20,000 0.52kg 143mm 6mm Rear
0.5hp (0.37kW) - Lever Throttle - 200 Series Collet
SAG05S23 23,000 0.64kg 160mm 1/4" Rear
SAG05S23M6 23,000 0.64kg 160mm 6mm Rear
0.5hp (0.37kW) - Lever Throttle - 300 Series Collet
SAG05S23S 23,000 0.61kg 162mm 1/4" Rear
SAG05S23M6S 23,000 0.61kg 162mm 6mm Rear
0.7hp (0.52kW) - Lever Throttle - 200 Series Collet
SAG7S12 12,000 0.9kg 165mm 1/4" Front
SAG7S12M6 12,000 0.9kg 165mm 6mm Front
SAG7S15 15,000 0.9kg 165mm 1/4" Front
SAG7S15M6 15,000 0.9kg 165mm 6mm Front
SAG7S18 18,000 0.9kg 165mm 1/4" Front
SAG7S18M6 18,000 0.9kg 165mm 6mm Front
1hp (0.75kW) - Lever Throttle - 200 Series Collet
SAG10S12 12,000 1.2kg 230mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10S12M6 12,000 1.2kg 230mm 6mm Rear
SAG10S15 15,000 1.2kg 230mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10S15M6 15,000 1.2kg 230mm 6mm Rear
SAG10S18 18,000 1.2kg 230mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10S18M6 18,000 1.2kg 230mm 6mm Rear
SAG10AX12 12,000 1.45kg 286mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10AX12M6 12,000 1.45kg 286mm 6mm Rear
SAG10AX15 15,000 1.45kg 286mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10AX15M6 15,000 1.45kg 286mm 6mm Rear
SAG10AX18 18,000 1.45kg 286mm 1/4" Rear
SAG10AX18M6 18,000 1.45kg 286mm 6mm Rear

For full details on the extensive Sioux Tools and Force Tools product ranges, click on our downloadable brochures below.

Sioux Tools Catalogue links
Download our Sioux Tools Industrial Catalogue PDF (4.8MB)
Download our Force Tools Catalogue PDF (7.1MB)

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