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Wm. Lees & Sons Ltd. distribute: HS Tooling; US Tool; Sioux Tools; Desoutter; Cleco; Boelube

Rivet Shavers

Rivet Shavers

Our Air Rivet Shavers are available in either pistol or straight grip and have stabilizer bars to keep the tool accurately in position on the rivet head.

We supply the full range of air rivet shavers manufactured by US Industrial Tool and the optional accessories including shaver bits and skirts to suit your requirements.

Also available is our 16-piece Air Rivet Shaver Kit which contains all the tools necessary to work on all types and sizes of aluminium and steel rivets.

Regardless of how much care and time is used in setting flush rivets, an occasional head will not be flush with the skin. Either it won’t be hammered or squeezed enough, or the head will be tilted to one side or the other, leaving a slightly raised surface. To help eliminate this defect in aerodynamics, the raised surface must be removed and this job can be accomplished with the use of one of our pneumatic Rivet Shavers.

These high-powered, ergonomically designed tools will quickly and effortlessly mill off the flaws and make the head flush to the surface. They are available in Straight and Pistol Grip models and with a variety of optional skirts to accommodate different diameter cutters. The shavers come with stabilizer bars to keep the cutter on
the rivet and not sliding on the skin. The US7387RSE is equipped with a 4" extended skirt and spindle to reach into hard to access areas.

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 Rivet Shaver Bits 

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 Rivet Shaver Kit 

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 Rivet Shaver US7092RSS 

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 Rivet Shaver US7387RS 
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