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Wm. Lees & Sons Ltd. distribute: HS Tooling; US Tool; Sioux Tools; Desoutter; Cleco; Boelube

Rivet Squeezers - Heavy Duty

Rivet Squeezers - Heavy Duty

These versatile C-Type Squeezers drive a wide variety of rivets and can be used for staking, stamping and pressing. Extensively used in assembly of aircraft, trucks, buses, boats, appliances, automotive components, metal furniture, toys and electronic chassis.

Air Rivet Squeezer Features:

  • Rolling cam and wedge assembly greatly multiplies compression force of piston
  • "Squeeze" action permits easy control, exceptional accuracy and uniformity
  • High joint integrity independent of operator skill level
  • Silent Operation
  • Plunger speed can be controlled by throttle
  • Swivel air inlet aids manoeuvrability
  • Optional yokes available
  • Develops full squeezing force with only 90 psi air pressure
  • One piece bearing for long life
  • Cast alloy steel lever positioned for user comfort
  • Made in USA
  • CE Certified

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Part No. Rivet Capacity†
Alum.      Steel
Reach Gap Max.
US151C 3/16" 5/32" 6000   1-3/16" 25/32" 17-1/2" 9.5
US151TC 1/4" 7/32" 12000 2-1/8" 1-3/16" 25/32" 21-3/4" 12.5
US155 1/4" 7/32" 12000 2-1/8" 1-7/8" 7/8" 20" 21

Optional jaws available.
Short stroke adjustment limits return travel of rivet set holder, which can be disengaged quickly to  provide maximum opening.
Use 0.250 rivet squeezer sets.

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