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Wm. Lees & Sons Ltd. distribute: HS Tooling; US Tool; Sioux Tools; Desoutter; Cleco; Boelube

Deburring Tools

Deburring Tools

We have a broad range of Deburring Tools and Kits for you to choose from – everything you'll need to suit your particular deburring requirements.

William Lees Aircraft Tooling BrochureSee pages 110 to 112 of the Wm. Lees  brochure.

For fast and efficient deburring tasks, we recommend Burraway and Burr-off deburring tools, as detailed below:

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Burraway Precision Deburring or Chamfering Hole Tool
  • Removes feathered edges and extruded burrs, front back or both sides - in one pass
  • One simple set-screw adjustment controls the depth of cut
  • Us in fixed spindle machines, or portable power tools
  • The tool will generally deburr 4 to 10 times as many holes per grind as the drill that was used to make the hole. Blades can be reground 5 to 10  times
  • Each tool comes complete with arbor and blade for double cutting
  • Tip: Use on a drill press for best results
Burraway Deburring Tool
Tool No. Hole Diameter Replacement Blade No.
TP474 3/32" TP474B
TP475 1/8" TP474B
TP476 5/32" TP474B
TP477 3/16" TP474B
TP479K Burraway Kit

Complete 11-piece kit that enables you to have on-hand at all times the solution to burr removal problems for the most common hole sizes.

Kit contains:

  • 1 each 1/8", 5/32", 7/32", 3/16" and 1/4" complete Burraway tools per size
  • 1 Replacement blade
  • 1 Moulded storage case
Burraway Deburring Kit

Burr-off Deburring Tool

Burr-off Deburring Tools
deliver super-efficient hole deburring in a wide range of sizes.

  • The original "clothespin" deburring tool
  • Burr-off Tools deburr holes front and back
  • Does both sides in one pass
  • No tool adjustments required
  • No refixing necessary
  • No double-handling of parts
  • Can be used in fixed-spindle machines
    or portable power tools

Consult the table below for available sizes.

Burraway Deburring Tool
Tool No. Hole Diameter Shank Diameter Length
TP480A* 0.125 - 0.14" 0.124" 4"
TP480B* 0.14 - 0.156" 0.139" 4"
TP480C* 0.156 - 0.172" 0.155" 4"
TP480D* 0.172 - 0.188" 0.171 4"
TP480E 0.187 - 0.203" 0.186 4"
TP480F 0.203 - 0.219" 0.202 4"
TP480G 0.219 - 0.234" 0.218 4"
TP480H 0.234 - 0.250" 0.233 4"
TP480I 0.250 - 0.266" 0.249 4"
*These tools standard with a single cutting edge.


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